Friday, July 8, 2011

more quilts...

Jacqueline’s H Block Quilt 2008
Jo Ann bought a quilting machine and asked me to set it up at our house for a while. I decided to make this crib sized, pink, flowered quilt. It was an easy sew but I think is nice to look at. The fabric was all from an estate sale my mother came across in Beaverton. I have an entire shelf of fabric which I bought for only $2.50 a large bundle. The quilter had her fabrics grouped by color and luckily my mom was one of the first to find the sale. She picked up all the maroon and purple and I took the red, green, brown, blue, pink, cream and black bundles! It has given me quite the jump start to my stash and has inspired me to do numerous quilts this year. I wanted a simple pattern because this was the first quilt I ever did the quilting on. I did small stippling and it turned out really great.

Rebecca’s Courthouse Steps 2008
I made Rebecca this twin-sized, pink, flannel Quilt. I used scraps from the previous baby quilts and some orange flannel Jo Ann had. The dark pink has shiny stars (see detail below) which are a bit scratchy so I won’t use this fabric in the future. I do like the way the dark pink and bumble bee print stair stepping across the quilt. This was the first quilt I used
Garden Window 2008
I think the name of this quilt is “Attic Window” but I call mine Garden window since there are flowers, rocks and grass through the window. I wanted to challenge myself to do something a little different. This was definitely harder than anything I’ve done before. This was sewn during the summer of 2008 and is hanging in  Kathy Murawski’s bead store (Beads Down Under) in Sandy. I need to get a finished photo of this quilt :)
Eliora’s Simple Patch Quilt 2009
I finally finished this baby sized quilt after it had been sitting in my office for at least 6 months. Janine Dale, a friend from Imago Dei commented that she liked the colors when I showed it to her unfinished. When I found out she was expecting a baby, I decided to finish it. She had a baby girl and named her Eliora. The quilt turned out okay, it’s one of David’s favorites. I do like the flower and stippling pattern on top.
3 Flannel doll Quilts 2009
I decided to get out the flannel blocks left over from earlier quilts and use them up. I made 3 doll quilts for
Rebecca, Jacqueline and our neighbor, Cacie Lee. The girls really love the ultra soft backing. I didn’t feel I needed any quilting on these small quilts.
Center Star Quilt
In November 2009, I was inspired by the cute butterfly/flower print then added fabric from my stash to make this baby quilt. It was eventually sold to Katie Clem at Village Preschool Auction in April 2010 for $45. I like this pattern. It was good practice for me to get the corners of the triangle to line up and be sewn just right.


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