Friday, July 8, 2011

History of my quilts

My First Quilt 2000
This is the first quilt I made. It was made in Denver in during the winter of 2000/2001, while married to Scott Surine. I was hoping to conceive a baby at that time. I designed the quilt on the computer with solid colors, then Scott scanned each individual piece of fabric to see what it would turn out like. I don’t know why I didn’t get a book and find a pattern for my first quilt. I didn’t even know one person who made quilts. I machine pieced the squares, not chain linking them or using any quick method like a rotary cutter.  I hand quilted it in diagonals. After a short year of marriage, Scott called it quits, not wanting to have a child with me or a move to Oregon. I moved back on my own. And when I crossed the state line, tears ran down my face. Happy to be moving home and starting a new life with my family but, sad  things didn’t go as I had expected.

Madeleine’s Basic triangle with sashing and corner stone Quilt 2001
In 2001 when I moved back from Denver I sewed a twin sized quilt for my niece Madeleine Grubb. I still didn’t have experience or the knowledge to make quilts the fast way. I cut every triangle and sewed each hour-glass individually. This was quilted by Country Manor Fabric and Quilts up in Battle Ground, WA.

Large patch Eddie Bauer-style Quilt 2002
I designed and sewed this plaid quilt along with two matching pillow shams (not seen in the photo), for Scott Horner. I hired a Lee Fowler, who is an incredible quilter to do this basic quilting. Scott Horner and I dated for over a year and a half but for reasons of his own, did not want to have children. I broke up with him, knowing children were in my future. Notice the sewing machine on the table. This was my first machine called Jeans Machine. I traded a day of  moving for the machine with this gal in Denver.

Clara’s Quilt 2004
I sewed this simple patch quilt for Clara Castellar, my cousin, Helen’s new baby. I hand quilted the top in simple square’s just inside the light green blocks.

Kevin’s Quilt 2007
I made a flannel, baby sized quilt for Anne’s new baby Kevin Emerson. I love the colors and finished it with simple hand-tied yarn.

Simple Flannel Blocks 2008
I made a two flannel quilts like the one below. One for Jacqueline and one for a gift.  

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